world-aids-dayDecember 1, 2016

Words from Safe Space, Inc. Board Member, Charles A. Sumpter, Jr.

To many across our country, HIV/AIDS has been conquered and is a disease of the past. It is true that over the past thirty years, we have much to be proud of. New and powerful drugs have essentially put HIV/AIDS in the category of a chronic illness, much like diabetes. Through science and education, we’ve been able to stop many from succumbing to the disease. However, in the United States and across the globe, there are still too many without access to life-saving treatment options. Expanded access to treatment and prevention education must be a top priority in the near-term. Commitment, leadership, and impact is the theme of this year’s World AIDS Day and we must be fully committed and invested in eradicating this disease. Nonprofit organizations like Safe Space, Inc. and others are essential, and must work hand-in-hand with public partners to ensure treatment and education is available to some of our most vulnerable citizens. I am hopeful that together we will see an AIDS-free generation.