November 21, 2017

Words by David Leon Morgan

My younger self could not have possibly anticipated the person it was to become and still is becoming. Self doubt, low self esteem, and worry consumed my identity then. I accepted false notions that I wasn’t good, attractive, or masculine enough. I let others control my narrative, assuming that their lives and beliefs were the standards to which I should measure my own. My queer identity was tightly wrapped in Christian shame and guilt, which made affirming and celebrating my whole, genuine self very difficult. But, over time, I began loosening the wrap. Slowly, I gained courage to immerse myself in The Spirit’s unconditional love—without condition. I took control over my identity, and the purpose through which I should navigate the world. I say “no” more often; I set clearer boundaries around my time, body, and sense of peace. I see my queerness as a sacred gift, and frame it within the realm of The Spirit’s awe-inspiring creativity, which doesn’t have to explain or convince itself to anyone. For me, this has been a source of true liberation. Today, I’m more empowered than ever to share and live in my story. Its narrative is all mine—who knows what the next chapter will bring?