Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Discrimination Plain and Simple

Originally printed in Alexandria Gazette* Thursday, September 21, 2017 President Trump’s July 26th tweet banning transgender service members from serving in the United States military is discriminatory and unpatriotic. As former Vice President Joe Biden stated via Twitter, “Every patriotic American who is qualified to serve in our military should be able to serve. Full [...]

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Mental Health in Virginia & LGBT Youth

May 1, 2017 By Safe Space, Inc. Vice Chairman, Jerome R. Hunt, Ph.D. Earlier this year, an article from the Richmond Times-Dispatch revealed some disturbing facts when it comes to mental health and youth in Virginia. According to Mental Health America, Virginia was ranked 38th among states, down from the previous ranking of 27th. A major reason [...]

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Loudoun County School Board Declines to Specify LGBT+ as Protected Class

January 25, 2017 Written by Hilary Hultman-Lee Safe Space blog contributor At the November 2016 meeting of the Loudoun County School Board, Sterling, Va. representative Brenda Sheridan proposed a change to School Board Policy 7012 that would include language protecting against discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. The board voted to delay their [...]

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Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall has filed HB1612

January 9, 2017 By Safe Space, Inc. Secretary, Charles A. Sumpter, Jr. Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall has filed HB1612, a bill that would ban access to restrooms for transgender Virginians—similar to North Carolina's infamous HB2. Safe Space, Inc. stands with Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe as he promises to veto the proposed bill that would allow [...]

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World AIDS Day 2016

December 1, 2016 Words from Safe Space, Inc. Board Member, Charles A. Sumpter, Jr. To many across our country, HIV/AIDS has been conquered and is a disease of the past. It is true that over the past thirty years, we have much to be proud of. New and powerful drugs have essentially put HIV/AIDS in [...]

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Facts and ways to combat the HIV/AIDS epidemic

December 1, 2016 By Jerome R. Hunt, Ph.D. -  Safe Space, Inc. Board Member On this 28th annual World AIDS day, we here at Safe Space pause to honor and remember all of those who have been lost to HIV/AIDS. In addition, we take this opportunity to educate ourselves about HIV/AIDS and how to prevent [...]

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Take a Stand against Bullying during GLAAD’s #SpiritDay Campaign

October 20, 2016 Observed annually since 2010, millions of people go purple to take a stand against bullying and to show support for LGBTQ youth. From public figures to sports teams, major companies to schools and individuals, October 20 marks a day where there is an overwhelming amount of support for the LGBTQ community. Purple [...]

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Safe Space, Inc.’s Statement on State Restrictions on the use of Restrooms and Locker Rooms by Transgender Students

September 6, 2016 Contributor: Derrick Petit, JD-MPA Photo credit: www.action.aclu.org In addition to providing a supportive environment for LGBTQ youth facing challenges and social stigmas, Safe Space, Inc. is also dedicated to preserving the rights of LGBTQ Americans in all areas. Similar marriage and the practice of consensual intimacy with an adult of [...]

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